Shady Cosgrove


What the Ground Can’t Hold


Two Americans are presumed dead and nine people are trapped in a cabin after an avalanche falls in the remote Andes…

Among them is Emma, an Australian faced with an impossible decision that could see her parents jailed.

Jack, a teenager obsessed with Jack Kerouac, guided by a skewed moral compass.
Carmen, a tango dancer whose estranged father is dying of cancer.
Pedro, the cabin manager, who’s in hiding from those he loves most.
And Wolfe, an American on a deadly family quest.


With food supplies dwindling, these unlikely companions are forced to extremes and discover they are bound by more than their surroundings – each has a secret that links them to Argentina’s Dirty War. What the Ground Can’t Hold is a gripping exploration of the ways the past closes in on the present, and destroys the foundations upon which we build our lives.  Link to Picador or Amazon (e-readers).

To read an excerpt, click here.

What the Ground Can’t Hold

She Played Elvis – a memoir

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